• "This virtual candle workshop was a much-needed change from our wine tasting client events. Reyes & Claudine were easy to work with and are such fun virtual hosts. They had our type-A personalities letting loose and laughing hysterically. A+ for beautiful packaging and seamless shipping."
  • I signed up for the workshop on a whim; I knew nothing about painting with watercolors. But what I found is immeasurable. The gift to paint something beautiful that I’m proud to display in my home, makes me feel proud and accomplished. Victoria’s instruction is seamless, and the content and products have been beautifully curated by Assembly! Thanks for giving me the time to explore my creative energy and have fun while doing it!
    Sarah M.
  • As a mom about the kids classes I would say, It allowed my son to explore art techniques and make quality art projects in a small supportive setting. Sometimes the large school classroom does not allow for supported individualized instruction and attention. He was able to make work that he was extremely proud of!
    April L.