Made in Milwaukee

The Round Bag

Stylish Organization

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Saturday, February 8th, Downtown Evanston

Candle Workshop

Make a custom candle with Claudine from Atelier 880 (12:00 to 2:00 P.M.)

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Evanston, IL

Marla Studio

BOLD jewelry designer who's all heart.

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Made in Portland, OR

Alisha Louise Jewelry

Minimal Feminine Style

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$10 Off All SAOR Pure Perfume, Use Code SAOR10

Luxury Home Candles & Diffusers

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SAOR 100% Pure Perfume Oil

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Wardrobe Accents


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Creator Workshops

Create unique products with our list of premier designers and creators!

Make a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry or your own fragrant candle or soap and learn some skills. Our fun 2-hour workshops give you a glimpse into the process and creation of some of your favorite products. 

Design and complete pendants, bracelets or earrings from start to finish. Expresses you're personal, one-of-a-kind style while enjoying a glass of wine and learning from one of our industry experts. 

Explore the new wave of designers who create fashion for the love of design.

Join our group of world class designers and creators.

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A look at our founder.

Meet Reyes

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We're having fun!

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