Toni Pandemic 5" X 7" Watercolor Series

Toni Pandemic captures moments of the pandemic to remind us what we went through together. Gift Toni to someone you shared one of these experiences with or yourself as a reminder of your strength.

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Toni Pandemic #1 - Watching & Waiting Toni Pandemic watches the world react to the news of the pandemic, she waits to be told what to do while she decides her next move. 

Toni Pandemic - Denial #2 Toni Pandemic is in denial, she's so angry and resisting the reality of the pandemic and the thought of wearing a mask.

Toni Pandemic - Surrender #3 Toni Pandemic surrenders hands up to the new world. She's ready to put on her mask and stay indoors. 

Toni Pandemic - Pandemic Mask #4 Toni Pandemic is donning the inevitable face mask. The novelty of wearing one is new, and she's determined to make it look fabulous.

Toni Pandemic - Brief Optimism #5 Toni Pandemic has come out of quarantine in dire need of some companionship. She's radiant and full of hope, ready to reemerge. She waves hello with a hint of caution. 

Toni Pandemic - Riots & Racism #6 Toni Pandemic is rising with fists while being held silent. She powers on while others stay silent. 

Toni Pandemic - Vote #7 Toni Pandemic heads to the voting polls masked up and ready to cast her ballot for kindness, social justice, and peace. 

Toni Pandemic - Breathe Toni #8 Toni Pandemic holds her breathe. She waits and stares at the numbers 253-213 while refreshing her phone every 5 minutes. 

Toni Pandemic - Exhale #9 Toni Pandemic exhales "relief" to the 2020 election results. She's held her breath for days, and now it's time for Toni to celebrate.  

  • 5" X 7" Moab Natural 100% Archival Cotton Paper Print
  • 8x10" Square Matte Included 
  • First Edition prints
  • Signed & Numbered 1-25 
The print is made with archival paper and lightfast ink to ensure it will stay beautiful for a long, long time.

    Reyes Witt's collection of vibrant watercolor paintings are products from her weekly ritual of Sunday watercolor painting sessions, which she picked back up again during the quarantine. She finds joy and freedom in filling blank pages with shapes, colors, and patterns inspired by midcentury modern textiles, her love of fashion, and extensive world travels. 

    • $30.00