Tania Rodamilans - LU4 Lab - Horseshoe bronze pendant, green blue triangle Necklace

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This unique bronze and semi precious stone pendant is an elegant piece you can wear to all your VIP events. The perfect necklace for any fashionista and travel lover. Wear it long, short or layered. Dress it up or wear it with a casual look. This necklace was designed for versatility.
Adjustable 2 ways (long and short). The pendant detaches from the chain to make it easier to loop the chain twice through the pendant (see photos).

- 31.5-inch gunmetal brass chain
- horseshoe design bronze pendant
- labradorite

The Lucky U collection takes its inspiration from a time-honored, legendary symbol of good luck, not to mention an indispensable accessory to one of our most beloved companions. The horseshoe. Famed more for its form than its function, the iron it's forged from is said to ward off evil. And its shape, the arc represents the vault of Heavens. Mix and match them, layer them, or let them shine all alone. They're perfect for everyday, a dinner party with friends or packing a bag to skip town. Here's to those who make their own luck. Happy trails however you wear it.

In the myths of the northern people, Labradorite is thought to have fallen from the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). Eskimos believed that the Northern Lights were once trapped in the rocks off the coast of Labrador, but were set free into the air by one of their ancestors who broke one of the rocks with his spear - some of the lights, however, remained trapped in the stone which we now call Labradorite.