• Polished Labradorite Necklace
  • Labradorite Necklace Pendant

Polished Labradorite Teardrop Adjustable Pendant Necklace

This refined pendant necklace with a modern edge, is perfect for V neck tops, blouses and layered looks. The neutral citrine stone color makes is extremely versatile.


  • 33" Adjustable Brass Chain
  • 2.5" Yellow Teardrop Polished Citrine Stone 

Stone: The ancient Romans used citrine for beautiful jewelry and intaglio work (engraved gem). The name comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon. 

Note: Stones are as unique as you are, so size and shape might vary slightly. Upside: Nobody else will have the exact same piece.

About: Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Tania Rodamilans currently lives in Chicago. Her work is a combination of painting, jewelry design, and accessories. Although seen as superficial –even the name “accessories” hints at its non-essential nature –to me, it is accessories that can turn your life into a work of art. I bring texture and color to the every day, to make your life a little bit brighter.

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