• Blooming #5 - Sam Lynn Studio

Blooming #5 - Sam Lynn Studio

Artist Sam Lynn Arnold creating these works imaging new flowers and plants blooming in the Spring. She was thinking about how optimistic everyone, including herself, is for this new year. She channeled that happy feeling of not knowing what the future holds but is excited to see what's coming next. 

Materials: All materials are archival, ensuring longevity and resistance to decomposition caused by the elements. 
  • Size: 8"x10" Original Signed Painting
  • 100% cotton Arches cold-press paper (300 gsm),
  • Mixed Media
  • #5 of 6 Paintings in the Blooming Series

Sam Arnold is the Founder of Sam Lynn Studio. She works primarily with acrylic paints, watercolor, and mixed media in an abstract, almost cartoon-like style. The bright-colored, bold characters in her works use various lines to show movement and emotion in their expressions.

In her work, Sam juxtaposes bright. Cheerful characters with expressions of deeper pain and emotion that they are attempting to conceal from the audience. This is much like the struggle faced by many of us. 

    • $80.00