Vintage Barkcloth Clutch One-Of-Kind

These one-of-a-kind clutches are the perfect summer accessory. Each one is made from Vintage Barkcloth and adds a little vintage flair to your look. 

  • 10"x4.5"
  • Magnetic Flap Closure
  • Inside Slip Pocket Detail

$10 off today only, price reflected on item description. 



Barkcloth or bark cloth is a versatile material that was once a treasure in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. Barkcloth comes primarily from trees of the family Moraceae. It is made by beating sodden strips of the fibrous inner bark of these trees into sheets, which are then finished into a variety of items. Many texts that mention "paper" clothing are actually referring to barkcloth.

  • $42.00
  • $52.00