• Abstract Landscape #2 - Kate Wyatt

Abstract Landscape #2 - Kate Wyatt

Inspired by my outdoor adventures, these watercolor landscapes capture unique color combinations with nods to mountain skylines and reflections.  Using simple and carefully-applied techniques, these paintings have a strong visual impact that's enhanced with delicate detail.

Materials: All materials are archival, ensuring longevity and resistance to decomposition caused by the elements. 
  • Size: 8"x10" mat with a 5"x7" window to display the original painting
  • 100% cotton Arches cold-press paper (300 gsm),
  • Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour, and Daniel Smith Extra Fine Water Colors
  • Signed Original Painting

Fine artist Kate Wyatt is based in Illinois. She has a background in architecture and a love of the outdoors. The name Kate's White Paper is meant to illustrate the openness of creativity. Kate says, "I never know what I'll be putting down on that (usually) white paper, as I love to experiment with new ideas and mediums.".

Her abstract landscapes started by using palette knives to lay down leftover paint on white scraps of paper to use up any waste. They evolved into more sophisticated combinations of color, emerging as abstract representations of some of her favorite memories exploring the mountains. 

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