11-13-20 Potted Cactus - Needle Felting Workshop

We'll be poking and twisting through New Zealand felting wool to create this adorable potted cactus. Felt artist, Rachel Nador will introduce students to basic needle-felting techniques to keep your hands busy during those cold winter months. 

Our exclusive Needle-Felting Creators Box includes everything you'll need for this class and the other 2 workshops offered in October & December. We chose her favorite materials to ensure you have great results. The wool and tools make a difference and Rachel wanted you to use the good stuff. When you purchase the Needle-Felt Creators Box, you receive the workshop for free!

If you're already stocked up on supplies, you can purchase the virtual workshop for just $15. We ask that you purchase our kit so you can follow along easier. Roving wool is often provided in kits purchased through amazon, we are using Maori Wool because it works faster and shapes better. Each needle has a number of barbs that catch the fiber as it is pushed through the project. This causes the fibers to become entangled to make a solid felt. Our kit offers 5 different sizes all made from strong iron to reduce breaking needles. 

"This class is designed for adults but ages 12 and up can take it with the understanding that needle felting needles are very very sharp!"

Inquire about private virtual parties for groups of 8 or more. We send Creators Boxes to each guest in advance and host a unique and memorable experience for your group. info@assemblycreators.com

Workshop Dates: Potted Cactus on Friday, 11-13-20 at 6:30 - 7:30 P.M. CST

  • Ages 18 and over
  • One 60 minute workshop
  • Class sizes are limited to 14 adults
  • Exclusive Needle-Felt Creators Box includes: This box is valued at $70
    • .5 oz Natural Core Wool New Zealand Wool - approximately 26 micron
    • 10 colors Maori Wool, which is a combination of New Zealand wools specially blended by DHG (Dying House Gallery) for the specific needs of needle felting. Processed in Italy by DHG using only Oeko-Tex dyes certified to be safe and non-toxic. 27 micron fiber for quick and easy felting.
    • 1 pair ( 2 pcs)Leather Finger Cots - very comfortable to wear and protect your fingers when felting
    • (2) 36 Gauge Iron Felt Needles
    • (2) 38 Gauge Iron Felt Needles
    • (2) 40 Gauge Iron Felt Needles
    • (2) 42 Gauge Triangle Felt Needles
    • (2) 38 Gauge Star Felt Needles
    • Wooden Needle Handle 
    • 5" X 5" Black High Density Felting Foam Board 
    • 2" Terra Cotta Pot 
    • Assembly Creators Canvas Zip Pouch

Rachel Nador is a 3D graphics artist that needed a tactile art outlet to balance out her time on a computer. She became obsessed with needle felting and an expert at creating some of the most wonderful, whimsical creations. Her work has been showcased on WGN news segments and art exhibitions around Chicago. 
  • $55.00