Custom Home Watercolor Housewarming Gift Box

Are you looking for a thoughtful, original gift for a new homeowner? Look no further than our exclusive gift box, which includes an original custom matted watercolor of the home with a large air plant perfect for adding life and texture to anyones space.

Once you purchase this box, we will reach out to you by email to request a digital photo of the home, and our talented watercolor artist Shruti will create an original home portrait within 1 week!

We know we would be incredibly excited to receive a gift like this to commemorate our new home. It even makes a great gift to celebrate your own big move or a home you've loved for years.

  • Original Shruti watercolor in 8 x 10" white matte
  • 10" - 12" large Xerographica Air Plant

About Shruti: Shruti is a Chicago based watercolor artist. She specializes in recreating urban landscapes, architecture, and portraits in her original artwork.


  • $145.00