Jewelry Designer Tania Rodamilans

Tell us about your business: 

It actually began with painting. I just dove in and started learning through experimentation, intuition and persistence. It was a very organic process, but also extremely challenging. I explored all kinds of different media, styles and formats, and before I knew it I had artwork everywhere. I started sharing my artwork at galleries, and moved on to working with boutiques when I started to design my own jewelry. The early jewelry lines were drawn right from the artwork itself.

Then, I started to get inquiries about my pieces, so I needed a digital space where I could show my work. That’s when my website, and then Etsy store were created.

My brand is all about elevating accessories to what they are—beautiful, personal, artistic textures that accent our individual style. In that pursuit, I highlight beauty wherever I find it in the world around me (hint: it’s everywhere). And the way I look at it, the things we use to accent our personal style in our homes are also accessories. So, my business is a combination of jewelry design and original artwork.

Tell us about your product:

I design with an eclectic, boho-chic style and an equal parts elegant and whimsical sensibility. To me, necklaces are like magic talismans that can transform not only an outfit, but also the person wearing it.

I also put a lot of care and attention into what I call wearability, because women shouldn’t need an occasion to make a statement. What do I mean by wearablility? Well, it's a combination of three things: exceptional quality, unique style and multi-functionality.

Quality has to be exceptional. I seek out and am extremely selective when it comes to the materials I source. It’s not about making things that are high-end in terms of cost, I want real women to be able to wear my pieces. It’s about demanding high standards, because they deserve nothing less.

Style has to be unique. This isn’t about being obscure. This is about designing pieces and collections that have stories behind them. This way, women aren’t just connecting with my impulses as an artist. They’re able to connect with the story of the piece that captures their eye in their own way.

Multi-functionality is the art of form. Some of the pieces I design can actually transform to be worn long or short (or anything in between). Some are specifically designed for ease of layering with others. I’ve designed necklaces that had a breakaway bracelet. I feel it’s important for fashion to flex to fit how women live.

My motto is simple: Beautiful. Wearable. Everyday. 

Tell us about you:

I find as much inspiration in a rusted piece of hardware as in a Japanese flower arrangement, or a beautifully displayed salad. I really enjoy the pleasure I find in exploration and discovery, and the simple fact of being fortunate enough to play with colors, water and fire. But it’s in the discipline of art that the potential of a blank slate becomes endless possibilities. 

I’m really fascinated by the materials themselves. I like to work with stones and organic materials that have texture and color. I prefer uneven surfaces and interesting shapes. Their imperfections make them unique, and that makes each piece slightly different. 

But I do what I do because we all need as much art and wonder as we can get. We need things that allow us to feel beautiful. We need to treasure the natural world around us. These things make us stronger.

I’m originally from Barcelona, but I currently live in Chicago, the city that stole my heart.